I am a writer who is most at home in the other-worldliness of poetry. The good folks at Gap Riot recently published a chapbook, “I’ll Learn to Listen / At the Trailing Edge of the World.” 


Here is what the publishers had to said about it: “This chapbook by our season seven token dude, Halifax-based poet, scholar, and all-around badass Bart Vautour, is—as his epigraph insists—a conversation between the poet and the patent office. Vautour’s poetry here intervenes in thoughtful, funny, and innovative ways into the discourses of intellectual property, political responsibility, and how we take “credit” for what is “ours” in experimental poetry. Two parts vispo, one part instruction manual, this cheeky little chapbook assembles to become an important tract on listening, writing, and bullshit detection in our current political and poetic climate. It’s so good, so thoughtful, so endearing, and so beautiful, it made us go okayfiiiiine, we’ll publish another guy.”

I have a collection, The Truth About Facts, published with Invisible Publishing.


The good folks at Lemon Hound published a piece from that collection here.